Who’s Who at OCMCA

The OCMCA Staff Members are often cross-trained in many functions of the OCMCA operations and services. On a rare occasion, your LSA may be directed to another staff member when the situation warrants specialized knowledge related to your specific questions, request, or concerns. The OCMCA Staff works as a team to ensure your LSA or Hospital has the most reliable and accurate information we can offer. It is our assurance to you that each staff member will strive to meet the needs of each LSA or Hospital when contacting the OCMCA.


Dr. McGraw
Office (313) 930-5481
Dr. McGraw provides a multifaceted view of many pressing EMS concerns. He offers a level of expert advisement with regards to EMS systems, protocol concerns, and innovative pre-hospital care. After each LSA’s annual Letter of Compliance is approved by the OCMCA he authenticates the LSA’s license and provides coordination through the licensing process. Dr. McGraw on many occasions provides lectures, educational support, and EMS System support to requesting LSA’s. Dr. McGraw is available via email, phone, or through the OCMCA office and welcomes the opportunity to assist the Oakland County EMS System and it’s LSA’s with all its Medical Control needs. Dr. McGraw serves as representative on all the OCMCA Committees and can provide information, guidance, and answer questions regarding current topics at the OCMCA.
Dr. Aharon Cooper
Office (248) 964-4044
Dr. Aharon Gedaliah Cooper is the OCMCA's Deputy EMS Medical Director.  Dr. Cooper is well experienced in emergency medicine and pre-hospital care, and works along side Dr. McGraw to make Oakland County EMS the best EMS system.  He serves as a representative on all the OCMCA committees and can provide information, guidance, and answer questions regarding current topics at the OCMCA.
Office (248) 975-9798
Dr. Kincaid provides coordination and administration of the following committees and subcommittees:
  • OCMCA Board of Directors
  • OCMCA Executive Committee
  • Medical Control Committee
  • ED Coordinators
  • ED Physicians Committee
  • Pharmacy Committee
  • EMS Operations
  • Protocols Committee
  • Regional Protocols Committee
  • Regional Trauma Network
  • Regional MCA Network
Dr. Kincaid also serves on several committees outside the OCMCA, including the following:
  • Various Region 2 North Committees
  • EMS Coordination Committee (MDHHS)-Member
  • State MCA Subcommittee of the EMSCC
  • State Operation Subcommittee of the EMSCC
  • Michigan Association of EMS System
  • Oakland County Grant Allocation Committee
  • Oakland County Health Partnership
  • Oakland County Radio Oversight and its subcommittees
As the Executive Director, Dr. Kincaid is able to assist your LSA with any of your Medical Control needs, questions, or concerns. Some of the concerns that may be directed to Dr. Kincaid include:
  • Operational concerns of the OCMCA
  • Staff Concerns
  • Radio System Information/Questions
  • Any matters that relate to the committees listed above
  • Clarification of the EMS Law/Rules
  • LSA Applications
  • State MDHHS Issues
  • Protocol Development
Office (248) 975-9704
Robin can assist your LSA or Hospital in the following areas:
  • CE Sponsorship Program
  • EMS Quality Improvement Program (EQIP)
  • Education Task Force
  • Letter of Compliance Process
  • Disaster Management
  • Administrative
Office (248) 896-4960
John can assist your LSA or Hospital in the following areas:
  • QI Program Development and Implementation
  • EMS Quality Improvement Program (EQIP)
  • Incident Investigation
  • Continuing Education
  • Education Task Force
  • Disaster Management
  • MIEMSIS Compliance


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