Hospital Education Modules

OCMCA Stroke Special Study: Hospital Training Module (12-1-2017)

Duration: 12:42
Description:This education is designed for hospital personnel participating in the Oakland County Medical Control Authority’s stroke special study. The purpose of this special study is to determine if EMS personnel can identify patients that are candidates for endovascular therapy (EVT) with a reasonable degree of accuracy, utilizing a prehospital stroke severity scale. This special study is scheduled to begin January 1, 2018. Please email any questions regarding this presentation to

OCMCA: SEM Drug Box Video (7-18-2017)

Duration: 11:50
Description: This presentation provides a brief overview of the SEM Drug Box contents that went into service in May 2017. See the Southeast Michigan (SEM) Medication Exchange and Replacement Procedure 5-35 for additional information. Please contact the OCMCA by email at

OCMCA EMS Communications with Emergency Facilities Protocol: Hospital Edition

Duration: 08:12
Description: As hospital staff you receive a wide variety of communications from EMS personnel. This presentation will provide a brief synopsis of the hospital’s role when communicating with EMS. The framework for communications and the need for EMS to interact with medical control is detailed in the OCMCA Communications with Emergency Facilities Protocol 6-8. This protocol can be found at Please email any questions regarding this presentation to

OCMCA EMS Transportation Protocol: Hospital Edition

Duration: 07:34
Description: Emergency facilities receive patients from incoming EMS units and have a vested interest in ensuring that the right patient is triaged to the most appropriate hospital. This presentation will summarize the hospital’s role in assuring that patients are transported to a facility appropriate for their condition. The basis for this decision is the OCMCA Transportation Protocol 6-28, which establishes a standardized decision making process for EMS personnel when selecting a destination facility. This protocol is available at Please email any questions regarding this presentation to

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